“Yurukawaii” Fairies of the Traditional Ancient Capital, Nara!NaraOct.25,2017

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Directed by Ryo Inoue
At the fairy summit, fairies gather from all over the world.
Naranara, a fairy from Nara City, sings in English about the allure of spring, summer, autumn, and winter in Nara City.

Do you know the Japanese word “Yurukawaii”?
“Yurukawaii” is a mixed word. “Yurui” means relaxing in Japanese and “kawaii” is a symbol for Japanese pop culture. The main idea behind “Yurukawaii” culture is that original characters from all over parts of Japan work together as icons for tourism promotion.
In this film “NARANARA”, which features the character of Nara City, it shows the appeal of Nara through animation. Nara City was the capital of Japan between 710~794. There are many traditional landmarks such as “Kasuga-taisha” and “Todai-ji”, which are different from bigger cities like Tokyo and Osaka. In Nara, time moves slowly and you can spend relaxing holidays there. Why don’t you visit Nara and see where the Japanese “Yurukawaii” characters live?

Wild deer freely roam Nara, and are believed to be messengers of God.

Reference : Nara Travelers Guide http://narashikanko.or.jp/en/