The story of a net surfer who becomes a real surfer.MiyazakiApr.30,2017

TABIMOJA run by SSFF&ASIA, has been sharing local promotion videos since 2012 as part of a project called the “Visual Tourism Award”.
Marking its 6 th anniversary this year, as finalists, 10 videos have been nominated out of 462 works.
We will share some of these works on TABIMOJA.

If you were to go surfing, where would you go?

Hawaii? California? The Gold Coast?

After watching this video, I bet you’ll be adding “Miyazaki” to that list.

Miyazaki Prefecture, located in the east on Japan’s Kyushu island, is known for its warm climate, and has long been a popular vacation destination.

In particular, Kuragahama is known for its sandy beaches stretching 4 km north to south along the Pacific coast in Hyuga City.  With its waves cresting year round, the beach is known as “hallowed surfing ground,” and is chock full of surfers.

This video, set on the beaches of Hyuga City, is the story of how one fair-skinned young man developed into an strong‐minded surfer.



Net surfer becomes Real surferHyuga City Miyazaki Prefecture / 3:00 / 2016