Regional City Offers Attractive NightlifeMiyazakiApr.30,2017

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The best way to learn about attractions of a Japanese regional city is to explore the downtown at nighttime. There are the town’s own cuisine, local sake, and stores of character. Certainly, you will encounter some unique people as well.

Miyazaki Prefecture, located in the east of Kyushu, Japan.
A commercial district of the prefectural capital, Miyazaki City, is right in the vicinity of Tachibana-dori.
Its back street is Nishitachibana-dori, commonly called Nishitachi.

Nishitachi is an entertainment district, where saloons, bars, and taverns line up.
Many different stores are located from high-quality Japanese restaurants to neighborhood taverns and authentic bars.
You can enjoy delicious seafood and meat dishes with local sake from Miyazaki.

It is the Japanese nightlife style to go on to two or three bars in one night.
Perhaps you may hit it off with Miyazaki locals in the next seat and drink with them all night.

This video is an extract of attractions of Nishitachi.
One man runs around Nishitachi, escorted by a beautiful lady.
Drink, eat, and drink again…

Having fun is a manner in Nishitachi.





This is NishitachiMiyazaki City Miyazaki Prefecture / 4:29 / 2017