Powerful old ladies of Japan save the day! “Go! Hatto Tome-Muso”MiyagiApr.27,2017

TABIMOJA run by SSFF&ASIA, has been sharing local promotion videos since 2012 as part of a project called the “Visual Tourism Award”.
Marking its 6 th anniversary this year, 10 videos have been nominated out of 462 finalists.
We will share some of these works on TABIMOJA.

“Go! Hatto Tome-Musō” is a promotion video for Tome City in the Miyagi Prefecture of the Tohoku Region in Japan. Tome City has been taken over by a force of evil. The evil force prohibits its citizens from eating the traditional dish of Tome : “hatto.” In order to win back Tome and “hatto,” an old woman skilled in stick fighting takes on the evil force.
Tome is known as a rich and bountiful granary. This video conveys the diversity of food culture and connects it to the social problem of the aging population in provincial regions such as Tome.
Tome succeeded in conveying through the video that even though the population may be aging, the elderly still lead active livelihoods.

“Hatto” is a noodle, which is made of wheat kneaded with water, raised, spread out thinly, then cooked.
It can be cooked in a soy sauce-based soup, or cooked in hot water and mixed with azuki beans, zunda bean paste or perilla (known as jyuunenn, or egoma). It is a regional dish with an addictively smooth and chewy texture.
The soup and ingredients vary according to the area region and family, even within the Tome region.
The special “Hatto” of each area shows the unique aspects of the place, and its distinctive taste can only be found there.

If you come and visit the Tohoku Region, please enjoy the beautiful nature and good food, and come meet our powerful old grandmas.

Tomemusō official web site http://tome-pr.jp/ (Only in Japanese)
Tome City official web site http://www.city.tome.miyagi.jp/honyaku.html


The title of videoTome city, City Promotion video ”Go! Hatto Tome-Muso”

LocationTome city, Miyagi prefecture